About this idea

URSA was a project developed by EDIA in a partnership with ISQ and took place in Alentejo's region, Portugal, between May, 2018 and November, 2018. The URSA project aimed to address the problem of the low organic matter content in the irrigated agricultural soils managed by Empreendimento de Fins Múltiplos de Alqueva (EFMA). The project URSA created and developed a network of composting facilities to produce organic fertilizer with the available agriculture by-products. Giving wings to the circular economy concept, local farmers could deliver their by-products and take in return organic fertilizer to apply in their agricultural soils.


  • Rehabilitation of soil as a quality agricultural support and as a filtering barrier;
  • Efficient use of water and nutrients, reducing the global needs;
  • Reduction of the application of mineral fertilizers and increase of agricultural profitability;
  • Greater soil cohesion, with less vulnerability to erosion and desertification;
  • Conservative circular use of organic by products produced in EFMA;
  • Better water quality and less susceptibility to invasive aquatic species;
  • Promotion of soil life, plant health and fertility;
  • Carbon sequestration in soil, as opposed to burning, with reduction of greenhouse gases.

Website: www.edia.pt/ursa/