About this idea

CYTA is a semi-government organization operating in the industry of telecommunications service. For CYTA, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) relates mainly to how responsibly it acts as an organization in all its business activities and all interactions. As an integral part of society, the Organization is fully aware that its business activities can have a positive, as well as negative, impact on society.

Their goal is to maintain and further reduce the waste that is not recycled. Cyta’s environmental policy was formed in 2001 with the pledge to offer products and services that contribute to sustainable growth.


Since 2016, CYTA achieved to be the first and only company in Cyprus, verified as “Zero Waste to Landfill” by TUV Cyprus. The Organization recycles today 97% of its waste, while only 3% goes to the landfill. Waste produced by our operations, include paper, plastic, cables, batteries, vehicles, organic waste, poles, ink cartridges, tires, wood, and others, throwing only 3% per cent into landfills.

Website: https://www.cyta.com.cy/zero-waste-to-landfill/en