About this idea

Caritas has a long experience in the management of used clothes for social and solidarity purposes, through the traditional wardrobes. From this experience arises the possibility of generating social employment from the management of textile clothing and waste, dignifying, on the other hand, and updating the work of traditional wardrobes, offering the opportunity to meet the needs of clothing to families vulnerable through stores.


  • dynamic, creative project, an innovative project that not only encompasses the dimension of employment as an opportunity for people at risk or social exclusion,
  • but also wants to be an environmental reference for its ability to recycle waste Textiles.
  • It is a project that is not only aimed at the people who come to the receptions of Caritas, but each and every one of us can participate in it by promoting responsible and solidarity consumption, acquiring second-hand clothes through the shops of A TODO TRAPO,
  • a brand that wants to be constituted in the coming years in a benchmark of the social economy.

Website: https://www.fundacioncaritaszgz.es