About this idea

Boomerang Recycling is a new social enterprise recycling project based in Ballyvolane, Cork (Ireland) that deconstructs post-consumer mattresses in order to divert for re-use and/or recycling. The main aim of the project is to encourage the diversion of bulky goods from landfill and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. Boomerang provides local employment for a Project Manager and for a minimum of 6 community work placement scheme (TUS) workers. Boomerang also provides for the up-skilling and training of its employees, while researching means to re-use and recycle fabrics.

The project is an 18-month start-up managed by Cork Environment Forum and supported by the EPA, Cork City and County Councils, SMILE Resource Exchange, Cork City Partnership, the Health Action Zone and community members.

Boomerang Recycling operates as a social enterprise model. The deconstruction of mattresses is a labour intensive, time consuming task and therefore requires a high labour input. This model allows the project to support employment of those excluded from the labour market and to up-skill workers though training and opportunities provided in the business.

There are opportunities to further diversify the activities of Boomerang Recycling or in addition to set-up new complementary social enterprises to address the reuse and recovery of other post- consumer items.


As worldwide demand for raw materials continues to grow it needs to be counterbalanced by greater efforts to recycle. Much of what is termed “waste” is often a valuable resource disposed of incorrectly. Boomerang Recycling contributes to:

  • boosting recycling and preventing the loss of valuable materials;
  • creating jobs and economic growth;
  • upskilling and providing training to employees;
  • showing how new business models, eco-design and industrial symbiosis can move communities towards zero-waste;
  • reducing greenhouse emissions and environmental impacts.

Website: http://boomerangenterprises.ie